ALäZ- Real Talk feat.Billionaire P.A.

ALäZ- Real Talk feat.Billionaire P.A.

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REAL TALK Audible Activation

Principle: Execution

Essential Question:

What are 5 steps it will take to execute your dream (song/album, book, business, etc.)?

Activation Exercise:

Write down the first 5 steps, dates you plan to complete them by, choose an accountability partner to check in with once a week until you complete all 5 steps.


Dream: Release a song

5 steps:

Write lyrics

Produce music

Record track

Mix track

Master track 


Dream: Publish a E-Book

5 steps:

Identify book topic

Write text

Edit text

Format design

Choose pricing


Dream: Create a business

5 steps:

Identify a product or service you can provide

Choose a target market

Choose a target audience

Study existing competitors in your field

Choose business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and Limited Liability Company)